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Imagine hosting a dinner party without having to stress about cooking or cleaning up. 

With our private chef in Singapore, you can enjoy a top-notch dining experience in the comfort of your own home. Impress your guests with exquisite multi-course meals and make your next special occasion unforgettable!

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personal chef singapore customize meal

With an average working week of 44.4 hours in Singapore, it can be challenging to find time to prepare meals. The 9-hour workday leaves little time for grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after dinner.

That’s where our private chef service comes in! Our chefs will take care of everything, allowing you to spend more quality time with your loved ones without worrying about meal preparation. 

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a regular family meal, let us help you create an unforgettable culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.

personal chef singapore customize meal

What You Will Get With Our Private Chef


Our personal chef provides hospitality in a family style, providing quality food to the client. The service can also extend to your guest at a special event, but only for the private home dining experience. Furthermore, when you hire a chef, you will get the professional touch of a custom menu, including serving desserts.

Imagine coming back home to a well-set dinner table with dessert. Private chefs aren’t just for your home; they can also cook for corporate events, romantic dinners, and other occasions. They relieve you of the burden of creating menus and setting the table.

At My Singapore Kitchen, our professional chef will prepare your meal, from gathering ingredients to preparing the food and setting the table. You can save the rest in your fridge after having your fill for the night. Moreover, you don’t need a personal chef every day unless you have the budget.


Private Chef and a Caterer: Any Difference?

The primary difference between personal chefs and caterers is the budget and volume of dishes. Professional caterers are ideal if you are entertaining guests at an event. A birthday party is a perfect example of where these chefs will perform excellently.

A personal chef Singapore cannot comfortably handle the volume a professional catering company will take. The latter has more hands (staff) for more guests and often works through a booking. So, personal chefs fit the bill if you want private dining services.

Personal chef preparations

Why You Need Us

You may be great at cooking quality food and adding a glass of wine. However, there will be times when you will only have enough time to cook and eat. That is especially true for those who work nine hours a day.

Our professional chefs can handle anything, whether your craving is seafood, pasta, dessert, or something more traditional. Some can select the right wine to match the occasion. Hence, getting a chef for hire Singapore is the best approach to food challenges. Personal and private chef services can be rendered either at our restaurant location or at your choice of location.

Hire a Private Chef in Singapore the Right Way

A personal chef goes beyond taking a cooking class. There must be skill in preparing traditional food, seafood, pasta, and other client preferences.

Besides saving you time, getting private chefs in Singapore will keep you healthy. Of course, the person who cooks the dishes will source ingredients for the menus. You will get a well-planned meal from the dining service.

Our chef cooks everything to your taste with a healthy menu. The private dining cuisine services come with a custom, well-planned diet. You can also add a bbq to your dining booking

You can get a personal chef in Singapore today and boost your private dining. Enjoy well-cooked food in your house without stepping out to outdoor restaurants. Moreover, the services are reasonably priced and healthier in the long run.

Private chefs can handle dinners, lunches, or cuisine for the entire day. The range depends on how much you are willing to spend on the private dining service.

Before you hire a personal chef in Singapore, consider the following:

Food handling license:

Consider the food handling certificate of the person before opening up your space. It is a prerequisite requirement of all food handlers in Singapore.


A personal chef cannot be good at everything. For instance, you could find one good in canapes but not seafood. Consider your preferences and hire a private chef Singapore that is good in that area.


Do you want to do the groceries yourself or leave it to the chef? Consider how much responsibility you want to give out. How often will the culinarian use your kitchen space in a week? The pricing for an everyday cuisine service will differ from a 3-day-a-week booking. Consider these things before hiring.

Size of the dishes:

If you often entertain guests, you should go for a significant number of dishes. That will ensure you have enough for you and your guests.

Easy On The Meals: Get The Professional Touch​

It’s time to go to that event taking place out of town without worrying about rushing home to cook. Let your home chef Singapore handle your dishes while you sit at your desk at work. Also, you can draw up the menu or let the chef de Maison do the job.

Get exquisitely prepared food with delicious taste and healthy recipes. You can do the shopping yourself if you are picky or let your chef handle everything, from the market to the dining. Either way, you control what you want when you sit down for a meal.

When hiring, consider how much you want your chef in Singapore to handle. It doesn’t have to be home-cooked meals alone. You can also employ the chefs for bbq and other outdoor occasions. At my SingaporeKitchen, we also offer Fnb consulting services for those eager to start their own establishment.

Personal Chef Service: The New Experience

The personal chef service in the world is on a new dimension. You can get the best services in Singapore, lay back, and enjoy well-cooked food without visiting that high-end restaurant. Moreover, you have room for more customisations with your home cook than with a public one.

It is time to take your private dining experiences up a notch. Save time and focus on other things while your cook takes care of the menu and other essential items.  

Had enjoyed a memorable, warmhearted and delicious dinner celebration with my friends. The food was passionately crafted by Chef Kent and the attentive service by Stella was impeccable. Thank you for the effort made!

Pen Ng

Great place with a nice vibe and view of the city. The spirits selection is top notch and their pairings really made the experience memorable. I highly suggest checking out this experience you will not be disappointed

Jvontai Hanserd

Fantastic food and service. I have the best wagyu beef with truffle, parmesan, and shiso leaf. Amazing palm size sagoshi bay oyster with uni and ikura. Such a satisfying feeling.

Melody Ng

Carbonara was fabulous. View was amazing . Host is friendly and professional. Comfortable and cozy place to dine at. Would recommend!

Jonathan Lim