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Establishing a profitable F&B business in the competitive landscape of Singapore is hard. Why not let us save you time and money by providing you with a shortcut?

Our proven consultant with over 25+ years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry can help you identify and overcome potential challenges streamlining your journey to profitability. Learn more about our FnB Consulting services Singapore.

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Food and Beverage Consulting Services in Singapore

Establishing an F&B business in Singapore has so many ups and downs. As a starting entrepreneur with zero knowledge, the processes are bound to overwhelm you. You must deal with recipe development, staff training and management, and all other aspects of the role.

That’s when you need a food and beverage consultancy in Singapore. With My Singapore kitchens F&B consulting services, you don’t need to run the processes alone. Our consulting company and team of advisor has the combined experience of over 40+ years to help you make happy customers and increased improve bottom and top line profitability.

The Different F&B Operations Consultancy Services

Below are the list consulting service for your restaurant, bar, and other food-related businesses.

Our eatery experts can assess your Singapore F&B business and suggest solutions to boost efficiency. They provide everything from fast food to exquisite dining, from bars and nightclubs to clubs and business enterprises.

These industry experts can offer advice on a variety of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Chef recruiting and staff training
  • Business culture and technology
  • Financial Review
  • Vendor and supplier evaluations
  • The effectiveness of your restaurant services

Those in the food and beverage industry who need advice on new eatery concepts can rely on our experts. They help businesses at the grassroots in areas such as:

  • Concept development and design
  • Market research and analysis
  • Branding and layout
  • Financial modelling
  • Recipe development and pricing
  • Menu creation
  • Chef and other employees’ job description writing
  • Process and procedure reviews

We can help you take your idea from inception to completion.

You can hire our F&B consulting experts who specialises in commercial food facilities for various settings. This may include kitchen equipment in eateries, clubs, commissaries, amusement and sports sites, educational institutions, businesses, and government buildings.

They also have knowledge of the food industry across different countries, and they apply this knowledge to your business. Get guidance at every stage of the process, from locating an appropriate location to determining the design specs and plan. They will assist you with what goods and services to sell and even construct the building and open it to clients.

Our F&B consultancy service providers in Singapore have experience as contractors and managers. This allows them to advise you on how to make every customer happy and make revenue through basic training methods, extensive reorganisation of operations, and general management practices.

With the help of the business owners and executives team, our specialists will develop a multi-year strategy plan for the business. Their diversity in how to leverage situations for the company’s benefit is unmatchable.

Our specialists can handle your pricing as a brand-new or well-established food business. Their expertise is thanks to their years of handlings menu pricing for start-ups and established food companies.

Can you tell if your refreshment shop is luring or driving consumers away? Get in touch with our beverage expert to help your bar, nightclub, or eatery come up with reasonably priced drinks that will leave customers feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Small and medium-sized F&B businesses in Singapore, such as hotels, restaurants, and hospitality companies, struggle to cope with the costs. These costs are majorly associated with sourcing safe and affordable food and hospitality goods.

Using a novel pay-for-performance approach, food and beverage supply chain consulting operators can help your business’ workflow. They would adopt new procedures, secure more favourable terms with suppliers, and cut down on expenses.

Hotel owners and managers can either oversee and run their hotel F&B programs themselves or collaborate with a partner who will manage the culinary identity. Lately, the latter choice has been gaining traction among hotel administrators in Singapore.

With this, the brand value will be incorporated into the deal, and effort must be made to achieve more without nitpicking over unnecessary matters. A hotel management consult can proffer solutions to any inquiry for a smoother workflow.

Our Principal F&B Consultant - Kent Wong

Food and Beverage Principal Consultant Kent Wong

With over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Chef Kent Wong has honed his skills and expertise since age 13. His journey began with traditional Chinese restaurants and has since evolved into cafes, wholesale bakeries, fast food chain quality control, dormitory canteens, hawker centers, Italian casual fine dining, and Omakase counter restaurants. He has also established their own food and beverage business as a seasoned chef.

MySingaporeKitchen F&B Consulting aims to offer comprehensive one-stop solution consulting services and implementation strategy for all food and beverage businesses, including branding, trend analysis, cost strategies, sourcing, and even marketing to ensure our clients can build profitable food businesses.

His extensive background in the Singapore food and beverage industry and vast network of trusted advisors and enables him and his team to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients looking to grow and succeed in this competitive market.

Food and Beverage Principal Consultant Kent Wong

Notable Achievements in the F&B Industry in Singapore

Drawing on actual case studies, we empower businesses to benefit from the experiences of others – be it mistakes or triumphs – so as to navigate the complexities of the competitive F&B landscape with greater ease and foresight

November 2019 to prepare full dinner course for Singapore Minister of Health Mr. Gan Kim Yong and Singapore Senior Minister of Transport and Health Mr. Lam Pin

provided full course dinner for ministry of transport & health

fast food chain Singapore

Boot Strapped Cafe to cashflow positive in 2 months

Sustained Revenue Growth to multi-outlet within 6 years follow by Exit

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The perfect F&B consultancy will provide you with all you need to make your clients happy and fulfilled. Contact a registered firm that fully covers every aspect of your F&B business to have more satisfied customers and a fatter purse.

Always remember that you don’t have to walk alone regarding business. Reach out to MySingaporeKitchen today to make the process easier and more profitable. All our clients have sweet F&B success stories to tell after they complete their consulting contact. Don’t hesitate; we are just a call away! Private dining and personal chef services are also available.

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Great place with a nice vibe and view of the city. The spirits selection is top notch and their pairings really made the experience memorable. I highly suggest checking out this experience you will not be disappointed

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Fantastic food and service. I have the best wagyu beef with truffle, parmesan, and shiso leaf. Amazing palm size sagoshi bay oyster with uni and ikura. Such a satisfying feeling.

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Carbonara was fabulous. View was amazing . Host is friendly and professional. Comfortable and cozy place to dine at. Would recommend!

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